Careers in Human Rights Recap

On Thursday the 14th of May Thandi Matthews and Ahmed Tholal sat down with Commissioner of Human Rights Kevin Lindsey for a discussion on careers in human rights. Commissioner Lindsey spoke to his unique position with the Government of Minnesota as well as the functioning of Human Rights Departments throughout the United States. Tholal elucidated the compromised nature of the Maldivian Human Rights Commission and the difficulties attached to working in what the Maldivian government would like to be a cosmetic institution. Thandi focused her discussion on the shift from private to public practices and the costs and benefits of such a move.


During the question and answer period the panelists had a chance to engage with the audience who asked questions regarding necessary professional attributes to working in the field, living with the pace of change, and the extent to which the panelists were willing to go to protect the rights that they espouse.