Is Love Alive? Benefit Concert

The Enchantments

Enjoy live music performances and supporting a great cause? Come to the “Is Love Alive? Benefit Concert” on Wednesday, March 27th at Bordertown Coffee! The event will be hosted by The Enchantments (an all female a capella group on campus directed by Allison Boyle: former Upper-Midwest Fellow) from 6pm-8pm at Bordertown Coffee. This event will help bring funding for Casa de Proyecto Libertad – a non-profit which promotes human rights advocacy and legal support for battered women seeking U-visas and relief under VAWA in the United States. Allison Boyle worked for Casa de Proyecto Libertad during her fellowship and is very passionate to find funding that the firm can use to help the battered immigrants.  She is also director of The Enchantments, a group of powerful women who promote human rights advocacy through music and their powerful voices. So come grab a cup of coffee, watch a great performance by The Enchantments, and support a great cause!!                 Bordertown-handout                  Bordertown_poster1


Come Join Us: Giving Back to the Community

2012 Human Rights Fellows.

2012 Human Rights Fellows.

We are so proud of the work that Human Rights Fellows do in our local communities! 2012 Fellowship Alum Allison Boyle is utilizing her multiple talents in law and music to raise funds for her placement organization, Casa de Proyecto Libertad. At Proyecto, Allison worked primarily with immigrant victims of domestic violence. Now back in Minnesota, she works to raise awareness about the struggles faced by immigrant victims of abuse.

Allison will be holding a fundraiser at Bordertown Coffee in Minneapolis on March 27th from 6-8pm. A percentage of the profits from drink sales will go to support Proyecto. Jewelry created by Proyecto clients will also be on sale.

Allison will present stories from her work at Proyecto. The Enchantments, an all female a cappella group of which Allison is a part will perform throughout the night. We hope you will join us!

Bordertown Coffee is located at 15 16th Ave SE, Minneapolis.

Woman (Poem)

A poem by 2012-13 Humphrey Fellow Cheryl L. Daytec (Philippines) in honor of the 16 Days to End Violence Against Women.


 by Cheryl L.  Daytec


In fairy tales, they stole your strength

Made you

A wispy figure

Whose salvation is

In the kiss of a prince

In holy discourses

You have been targeted

For stoning, for burning`

A prostitute

A widow purged of essence

A rambling witch

A wife defiled

An unwed mother

An uncircumcised virgin


You have been dragged

Through the corridors of sorrow

A grieving mother

A hurting wife

An ignored daughter


You have been built

To a prototype

Scared of your power:

A mind shorn of will of its own

A head for nodding

To your father and husband

Eyes for weeping

A tongue for talking balderdash

And singing men’s accolades

Arms for holding infants

And drying laundry

Legs for moving around the kitchen,

Or for toddling behind patriarchy


Come. Sprint to higher ground

From the depths of submission

Jump off the pages of fairy tales

Bolt the pigeonhole’s door

Be as a butterfly emerging

From the cocoon

Soaring to heights

Seeking its metamorphosis

Awing the world


For there are struggles

To lose without your strength

There are problems

Unsolved without your wisdom

History is a narrative of lies

Without your story


For truth cannot be half of itself


First published in Muse India, 2009